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Offering Summary: For select technology companies, Legendary Life offers a ‘Black Box’ outsourced capability that covers a wide range of tactical and strategic deliverables packaged in a low-risk, short-term format for less than the cost of one full-time Account Executive.

Specific deliverables can be customized in a per-engagement, SOW basis to include: full-lifecycle sales, account development, lead generation, marketing, channels, distribution, alliances, licensing strategy, sales training, customized SOP’s / best practices, and turnkey Federal Sales Divisions industry vertical specific go-to market capabilities.

For start-ups and small companies (Below $25M annual revenue): Black Box Unit capabilities empower you to go to market quicker, more effectively, more economically and with more highly experienced sales assets than may otherwise be available to you during this phase of your growth. We also allow you to quickly test the waters with new markets and verticals employing a low-risk, low-cost ‘DevOps’ style approach to your go-to-market strategy.

For mid-sized and larger firms (Above $25M annual revenue): Black Box Unit enables your business to temporarily fill critical gaps in account coverage, pipeline development and execution and also to conduct low-risk, low-cost, high speed testing of the viability of new territories or even entire new industry verticals

The Problem Set That Black Box Unit Is Addressing: The unabated tech boom has created a dynamic where there are far more job openings than there are experienced, high-performing “A-Players”. It is not uncommon for companies to spend anywhere from 6 to 18 months backfilling a departing sales rep or filling a newly created growth position. This challenge is even more pronounced when industry specific domain knowledge is also a prerequisite. For example, in Public Sector technology sales. Companies are often forced to have sales managers cover rep territories, let other reps babysit territories while they are already too busy keeping up with their own or to try to have an under-experienced telesales reps try and “step up” and “give it a shot” while the company searches for an experienced replacement.

Black Box Unit can handle almost all aspects of territory coverage for six months, a fiscal year or in some cases, even longer. Black Box Unit can take on a single territory or an entire vertical on a temporary or semi-permanent basis. Either to backfill it while you locate new, permanent personnel or to conduct low-risk, low-cost, high speed testing of the viability of a new prospective industry vertical before committing to building a sales team around it.

The Black Box Unit was created and is managed by Legendary Life co-founder Todd Luongo. Clients benefit from being able to leverage Luongo’s 25+ years of experience working with world-class Silicon Valley technology companies. Todd’s experience includes consulting for, advising, building, running and investing in enterprise and consumer technology start-ups as well as being a consistent top-performing sales executive in his own right for several world-class Silicon Valley software companies. Additionally, Todd brings clients the benefit of his experience training sales leaders and individual performers to be consistent, top-sellers for cutting edge, enterprise technology companies of all sizes.

Black Box Unit utilizes a diverse staff of experienced, highly trained, retained personnel with backgrounds in: Account Development, Lead Generation, Marketing, Enterprise Sales, Business Development, Channel Development and Management. Other personnel as well are held on retainer in the Black Box Unit stable and can be leveraged as needed to support the unique requirements of a particular engagement.

The Black Box Unit capabilities can be deployed globally. We can operate in multiple languages and marketplaces. We have offices in the Washington, DC metro area, South Florida and Tel Aviv, Israel.

Currently, there are extremely limited engagements available. To be considered as a candidate for the Legendary Life Black Box Unit Services please send an email to info@legendarylife.com Please use the subject line, “Black Box Unit”. Someone will follow up with you to schedule a call.