Are masterminds therapy?

are masterminds therapy?
While Masterminds are NOT therapy, they can sure give us results and thus improve our general wellbeing by reaching our goals, maintaining positive relationships and by having community support to get you to where you want to be.

While the name itself can sound so faraway and distant, some underground meeting of minds kept hidden out of sight from the “average” person, this isn’t the case.
Connect with likeminded people
Why is it so important to be around likeminded people? In masterminds the main principle is to harness, focus and distill the amazing power that a group of likeminded, ambitious souls can create for the purposes of aligning its members with their purposes and goals, brainstorming new ideas, and keeping each other accountable to reach specific, measurable goals. Masterminds are compelling proof that the whole can indeed be made greater than the sum of the parts.
They are not just for entrepreneurs
Mastermind groups are generally organized around a single purpose. These days there are masterminds for almost any topic you can think of. From personal and business development to dating, fitness, parenting, the list goes on.
You will thrive
A mastermind group can be the main supporting pillar of your growth and development. The mastermind group will assist you to achieve balance, focus and a go-forward strategy for success, so your life can thrive. Masterminds have proven highly effective and have changed countless lives forever. They can help you master your mindset, to set clear goals, and to give you the tools and accountability to help you push through in achieving them even when things are difficult.
You will be part of a community
Good masterminds create a strong, supportive community that lasts far beyond the term of the actual program. One of the most valuable aspects of the mastermind is the community. The community that you are a part of will be there for you and provide continuity and accountability as you strive towards your goals long after the actual mastermind program has completed. This community can be engaged via regular calls, a group chat access to the private Facebook and Instagram groups, etc.
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Final Thoughts

“Share your ideas with people of like-mind and get motivated by their encouragements and experiences.” 
― Israelmore Ayivor

Mastermind 2021
The beauty of a mastermind is that your personal development is a center point in the development of your mindset, physical and spiritual health as well as your career or business. Legendary Life is launching the Live Your Legend Mastermind. Led by Legendary Life co-founders Todd Luongo and Lee Snir as well as special guest Legendary Life Coaches. The Live Your Legend Mastermind is a live, small-group format mastermind that will empower people to to uncover, pursue, and attain their PERSONAL LEGENDS and then Live Their Legend each and every day.

Write to for more info on the Legendary Life Live Your Legend Mastermind. There is an application process and this isn’t for everyone. However we promise that the content will be life changing to the folks who join our community for what is sure to be an epic journey of growth and self-discovery.

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