Todd Luongo Gets Featured in Yahoo

Todd Luongo, a serial entrepreneur, is featured in a Yahoo News interview where he shared his insights on ‘How to Live Life on Your Terms.’ Todd, an only child in a dysfunctional family, managed to reach his potential against all odds. While it is true that dysfunctional families can have an adverse effect on child development, Todd didn’t let his upbringing deter him from reaching his goals. His work ethic and ambition, as well as writing, sports, and fitness, helped him escape the dangers associated with dysfunctional families.

Todd Luongo shares his 4 best tips for anyone who wishes to live life on their own terms and be the best they can.

  1. Embrace your unique identity: Todd emphasizes that everyone is unique, and just as no two fingerprints are the same, no two individuals are alike. Todd says that this can be a blessing or a curse – depending on how you see it.

According to him, “This uniqueness is a blessing because it allows us to be different from others and carve a separate identity for ourselves. At the same time, this uniqueness is a curse because it makes it harder for us to fit into a box, into a routine, into a society that is forced on us simply because we all fall into this category called humans.”

On how you can assess your identity and make the most of your uniqueness, Todd admits that “there are no straight or easy answers to these questions.” However, he opined that living life on your terms is a possible solution to this puzzle. Since we’re all unique, therefore, everyone has to figure out their “Personal Legend”, what makes them special, what they were meant to achieve and learn in this lifetime, what their unique gifts are. So that they can then live a fulfilled life that is most aligned with their skill sets, authentic passions, goals, and desires.

  1. Leverage the power of technology: Here, Todd stresses the importance of using technology to our advantage. He suggests that we have the freedom to live wherever we want and still keep in touch with people in real-time, collaborate with co-workers, and pursue our passion with the help of technology. So we shouldn’t limit ourselves to one place.
  2. Unlearn, unlearn, and unlearn: Todd says that by “Simply unlearning your past, it allows you to learn only those things that matter to you.” He added that “When you unlearn, you keep your eyes, ears, and mind open to learning things the right way, and through people or situations, instead of books alone.”

Right from birth, we as humans begin to learn a lot of things in various ways, and many of the things we have learned in the past have little or no value to us today. It is best to let go of the outdated knowledge or information and give way to more valuable and productive information capable of transforming our lives.

  1. Understand your choices: He says that “Many things that we have always wanted stare at us, but we fail to see them because of our emotional baggage, past experiences, and the narrow path that society has taught us to walk.” Todd, therefore, advised that we break away from all of these, understand our choices, and follow the ones that make us happy and that are most in alignment with our “Personal Legend”.

Living life on your terms is possible if you discover your own identity and only focus on the most important things in your lives. Once we channel our energy in the right place, then achieving our greatest goals becomes possible.

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“It’s never too late to be who you might have been.”

Most people are pressured at a young age to choose a particular path in life. ⁣Instead of listening to their inner voice and letting their passion and aptitude guide their choices, they succumb to pressures from outside sources.⁣

Many of these people go on years later to realize that their personal and professional unhappiness and discontentment stem from this choice that they may have made as early as their teens.⁣

By the time they come to this realization, some (mistakenly) believe that it’s too late to do anything about it. ⁣

It’s never too late to do what we love and achieve the fulfilling life that we were meant to have.

But it does take willpower and commitment to take action every single day to make the necessary changes. We are here to help you get there.


Legendary Life Announces the Launch of their “Live Your Legend” Mastermind

Legendary Life announces the launch of the Live Your Legend Mastermind. This exclusive, small group, live format mastermind will immediately begin accepting applications for the inaugural mastermind class which is expected to kick off in January, 2021.

The Legendary Life Mastermind format combines online meetings with “real world” exercises and activities that can be done in a COVID-safe manner and local to wherever the mastermind participants are based. The Live Your Legend Mastermind also includes one-on-one access to Legendary Life co-founders Todd Luongo and Lee Snir as well as access to exclusive Legendary Life mobile app functionality, physical products, exclusive strategies, tactics, and special guest educators.

The Live Your Legend Mastermind is the culmination of years of research and development. Legendary Life Co-Founders Todd Luongo and Lee Snir spent years creating and refining strategies and methodologies to help people realign with their authentic intentions, achieve more peace and contentment in their lives and optimize their mental, physical, occupational, and spiritual health all while being in balance with nature and the environment. 

Part of the extensive research that went into crafting the Live Your Legend Mastermind included Legendary Life launching the “Live Your Legend Project”. This ambitious initiative was undertaken in order to gain an in-depth understanding of what it means for people from all different backgrounds, cultures, countries, religions, and ethnicities to “Live Their Legends”.  Legendary Life co-founder Todd Luongo traveled the world: China, Japan, the Middle East, Central & South America, as well as across Europe and the US to interview both people who have and haven’t ‘Lived Their Legends to try and discover how and why they were either successful or unsuccessful in doing so. (Reference Link: The findings of the Live Your Legend Project informed the development of the Live Your Legend Mastermind content.

Legendary Life co-founders Todd & Lee packaged up all their own experience and wisdom, all the lessons learned from the “Live Your Legend Project” as well as the teachings of highly acclaimed, hand selected Legendary Life coaches into the unique and comprehensive Live Your Legend Mastermind and the corresponding course of the same name (launching Q4 of 2021). The Mastermind is structured such that independent modules that all integrate under the theme of “Living Your Legend” are delivered to the participants on a weekly basis over the course of eight weeks.  The program teaches, inspires, and empowers people to identify, understand, and align with their true gifts and desires and then to guide them into creating and executing on a plan to live their ideal life and achieve success (whatever success means to them) in all areas of life to the greatest extent possible. Along the way people learn how to optimize their occupational, mental, spiritual, physical, and relationship health using a variety of tactical and strategic exercises, teachings and hands-on tools. Some of these tools include Legendary Life’s acclaimed physical products as well as the exclusive and unique exercises Legendary Life developed based on their extensive research into the art and science behind the successful pursuit and achievement of an individual’s Personal Legend.

The “Live Your Legend” Mastermind and Course also includes access to exclusive Legendary Life Mobile App content, a private online community, Legendary Life physical products, as well as one-on-one coaching sessions with the Legendary Life founders and principals. Each module of the Live Your Legend Mastermind is taught live by Todd, Lee and / or experienced, carefully curated Legendary Life coaches.

In conjunction with the mastermind launch, Legendary Life is also launching a mobile app this month that will incorporate several independent modules aligned with the Live Your Legend Mastermind & Course. The functionality offered in the app will help people to improve and achieve more peace in several different areas. Examples of modules include: New Minimalism, Quantum Time Hacking, Gratitude, Journaling, Affirmations, and a No Tech Challenge (which ironically you use by tracking your progress with your phone). With more modules to come as well.

About Legendary Life:

Legendary Life is a lifestyle brand with the credo of “Live Your Legend” that was co-founded by Todd Luongo and Lee Snir with the mission of informing, inspiring, equipping and empowering people to uncover, pursue, and realize their Personal Legends. Legendary Life helps people achieve this goal through the application of its bespoke physical products, technology, and interactive education.

Todd and Lee hit it off over their similar philosophies and work ethic as well as their complimentary backgrounds and skill sets. They decided to join forces and set out to build a world class lifestyle brand that uniquely combines bespoke physical products, technology, and education to help people optimize their mental, physical, and spiritual health all while being in balance with nature and the environment. 

About Co-Founder Todd Luongo:

Prior to co-founding Legendary Life Todd Luongo built a successful career working for and advising Silicon Valley companies in addition to being a serial entrepreneur in his own right as well as an all-around renaissance man. Along the way Todd has opened experiential restaurants and bars, learned to pilot airplanes, helicopters, and boats, traveled the world, performed stand-up comedy and even wrote several, highly acclaimed screenplays currently in development in Hollywood.

Throughout his career, Todd consistently met people who had achieved occupational success but were miserable and unwell. They had achieved material success but weren’t thriving in other areas. They couldn’t figure out how to achieve balance, peace, or the same level of success that they achieved in business when it came to their mental, spiritual, relationship and physical health. This observation was the spark that drove him to co-create Legendary Life and the “Live Your Legend” Mastermind.

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About Co-Founder Lee Snir:

Lee Snir is a serial entrepreneur, veteran of the Israeli Defense Forces, environmental activist, naturopath, as well as an influencer and in-demand speaker in her native Israel. Immediately prior to co-founding Legendary Life, Lee was building one of her own businesses while managing an eco-farm in Israel all while developing strategies and methodologies to help people realign with their intentions, achieve more peace and contentment in their lives and optimize their mental, physical, and spiritual health all while being in balance with nature and the environment. Lee’s experience and research became the foundation for much of Legendary Life’s product development as well as much of the content taught in Legendary Life’s “Live Your Legend” Mastermind.

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