Morning Journal by Legendary Life- Goal Setting, Gratitude, Self Care for Men and Women- Personal Development, Increased Productivity and Time Management in Under 5 Minutes- Hardcover


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✅ FOCUS, TUNE, ALIGN: Each Legendary Life Journal contains 6 research based prompts and inspirational quotes. The Morning Journal focuses on gratitude, mindset, intention and organization. The Evening Journal guides you to reflect on and discern the lessons from the day ending while prioritizing, goal setting and action planning for your day ahead.

✅ FREE FLOW SPACES: The Morning Journal Includes “Do your thing” pages for when it’s time to express yourself in a less structured format.

✅ HABIT TRACKER: The Evening Journal comes with a custom habit tracker to empower you to maintain a record of progress while improving planning and decision making.

✅ SCIENTIFICALLY RESEARCHED: Building a habit takes 66 days. To optimize the creation of your practice, we double that number: 4 months of daily use in each journal.

✅ HIGH STANDARDS, FAIR TRADE: Built to use. Built to last. Bindings designed for journaling. Pages are premium stock, off-white paper: Soft on the eyes. Ink doesn’t bleed or transfer.
“A life worth living is a life worth recording.” – Jim Rohn
The Legendary Day Life Morning Journal and Legendary Night Life Evening Journals, designed exclusively by Legendary Life to empower you to begin and end your day with gratitude, organization, structure, planning and intention. Beautifully designed and developed using the latest research in psychology, performance, and human optimization.

To start the day with your Morning Journal is to empower yourself to take charge of your day from the moment it begins and shape it to your will.

To end the day with your Evening Journal is to imbue yourself with valuable insights from the day while also creating a plan to achieve success, balance, and fulfillment in the day ahead.

The Legendary Journals are focused journals. They’re unlike the purely free form journals and also unlike the guided but unstructured journals that offer different, random questions and prompts on each page, We intentionally use the same research based questions and prompts each day. Studies show that if you’re addressing new prompts each day then it’s more difficult to build a regular journaling practice. Even if you’re able to develop a journaling habit using only Unstructured or Free Form Journaling, these methods are less effective in empowering you to reach your goals.

That’s because in these styles of journaling you’re not using a structured toolset to practice an effective habit, you’re simply engaging in a hobby. When you focus on the Legendary Journals’ simple, powerful, consistent format you drive towards goals while also creating a record to look back on how far you’ve come.

Benefits of a regular journaling practice include:

✅ Better Organization

✅ Improved Decision Making

✅ Refined Demeanor

✅ Enhanced Intention

✅ Positive Reinforcement

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